Community Philanthropy and Engagement in Development Programming


  1. Research and Analysis
  2. Broker Partnerships and Networks for community development
  3. Capacity Building


  1. African youth in Philanthropy conference and Network: Self Help Foundation is a founding member of the African youth in Philanthropy Network together with the Global Alliance for Development Foundation (GADEF) and Nexus Africa.


  1. East African Grant Makers Network and youth in philanthropy Network: As a member of the regional East African Grant Makers Network and East African Youth in Philanthropy, SHF is working to promote philanthropy in the East African Region. SHF is a proud nominee of the 2012 East African youth in Philanthropy Awards
  2. Partnership with Give for Youth Crowd Funding campaign to promote SHF sponsorship program In February 2013, Self Help Foundation in partnership with TakingITGlobal (TIG) Toronto, Canada participated in the Give for youth crowd funding campaign to raise funds to support the child sponsorship program under Self Help Foundation.
    Give for youth is a micro giving portal designed to help fund projects that connect youth with greater opportunities for education, employment, and entrepreneurship.
    Using funds mobilized, Self Help Foundation identified five students nominated based on merit by the partnering schools for sponsorship to join secondary schools in Oyam district.

Examples of  work initiatives to promote community philanthropy include:

  • Promotion of local philanthropy through IT: In order to promote local Philanthropy, Self Help Foundation is implementing SOMESHA (, a local online crowd funding mechanism to get sponsorship through leveraging the mobile money payment platform. This is being done in partnership with five the selected pilot schools, a local IT development firm, Afro cyber Global and private sector to promote corporate social responsibility.
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