Education and Life Skills Training

Our Education program targets post war communities of Northern Uganda that would otherwise not be able to access even the free education. A society characterized by high illiteracy especially among women and girls and the young population is more likely to have high poverty prevalence.  This program seeks to create opportunity for the community to attain at least a basic education, information and knowledge.


  1. Sharing information
  2. Creation of strategic partnerships
  3. Mobilizing resources
  4. Capacity Building and skills Development
  5. Research and Analysis
  6. Awareness raising


  1. Primary and Secondary Schools, District education offices and Parents and Teachers Associations: Self Help Foundation Uganda has worked with five primary and secondary schools In Oyam and with school clubs as means to share information and build capacity.
  2. Global partnership for Skills building: in collaboration with AIESEC, Self Help foundation Uganda has also carried out a skills training in weaving, financial literacy and computer training to five schools with support from national and International volunteers from Singapore, Tanzania.

Examples of  work initiatives to promote community philanthropy include:

  1. Oyam schools profiling March 2011: Self Help Foundation Uganda conducted a pilot schools profiling exercise in March 2011 in five schools in Oyam district.
  2. Self Help school clubs 2012: Following the profiling exercise, Self Help Foundation team, identified key factors such as lack of food for lunch and inadequate skills training that have led to high dropout rates among the school going children in five schools in Oyam district. Following this mini survey, Self Help Foundation Uganda has among others encouraged students to be their channel and inspiration through reviving and linking the old students associations.
  3. Skills Training in schools
  4. Awareness raising

SHF believes that leveraging economic opportunities by region, populations and age groups can drastically prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in Uganda.  SHF is targeting young women and girls, young boys, orphans and vulnerable children to: develop life skills for sustainable living, sensitize and demonstrate the business case for an HIV free community, establish strategic partnerships with CSOS, private sector organizations to work with these communities.

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