Environment and Conservation Program

Local communities and indigenous people who live close to areas with significant biodiversity and natural resources have a wealth of knowledge that has accumulated through a long series of observations transmitted from generation to generation to contribute to the conservation of ecosystems and sustainable development. They are aware of a large variety of uses of local biodiversity including medicinal uses.


  1. The program facilitates knowledge collection and sharing especially amongst farmers in rural areas with emphasis on women through collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of indigenous ecological conservation content. In pursuing this cause, we use ICTs as a medium to;
  2. Strengthen the existing Knowledge Management process of Global knowledge accumulation and local issue based feedback through a backward-forward linkage with indigenous people to global eco-researchers;
  3. Encourage and strengthen community participation to conserve the environment through the use of indigenous conservation practices which have limited negative impacts on the eco system and bio diversity;
  4. Create and promote self-sustaining environmental conservation groups at village levels in selected sub counties called Village eco conservation forums and facilitate their registration as CBOs and   reduce on the rate of deforestation.
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