Self Help Foundation Uganda (SHF) is full of love, kindness, and togetherness. I guess that’s the reason everyone who gets in touch with the team never stops to connect with them and so here I am also.
Am called Jacky MUTESI from Rwanda, I was an internsp when SHF was just starting in 2010, there was basically a lot of initial work that needed to be done but unfortunately I had very little time with the entire team. We did alot  of the paper work towards  a bigger vision for supporting the children and youth especially the kids in Northern Uganda who were recovering from war and trying to resettle. It oges without saying that this was an experience of a life time, i learnt so much both at a personal level but also at the professional level This did not only teach me that thereteamwork counts  but also that we also need t approach communities with open minds,  with  positive attitudes, and ultimately i learnt that we can make a difference for ourselves  and those around us.
I would be lying if i said that i would not want another opportunity like this one, I hope i can work with the SHF team in the future- may be even at different fora but look an opportunity to interract again would be wonderful.It was a great experience working with other young people from different parts of Africa it was real experiential learning -the guys from Kenya and Botswana…my host  family, I can’t find in the world words to put out for your kindness, warmness, may God only bless you.
Much love
Jacky Mutesi

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