Mutesi Jacky

I am Mutesi Jacky by names, Rwandese by nationality and I am a student.

Resumed summary:
Currently a Finance student in 3rd year at The SCHOOL OF FINANCE AND BANKING (SFB 2008- 2011).
I am young member in AIESEC Rwanda, and willing to integrate my knowledge and abilities for my development and AIESEC’s.
I love learning and I adapt easily to a new environment, I enjoy team work and work towards the success of all.
I am emotional, honest and love peace. I like children and believe the world can change the standard in which many are living in today around the world if it starts with each one of us making a difference.
I believe in God as my source of strength in all I do; I am a good listener and adviser in life related matters.
I like accomplishing my tasks and to be guided where am not good at. I am quick learner, slow to anger and like being direct.
I don’t like working in the same place every day, I love change.
I luck self confidence in things that I do for the first time, this some times makes me not to engage myself in lots of things. I am a trustworthy person


  • I love traveling and explore the world
  • I like being around water
  • Making friends is also what I like
  • Out going
  • I love music and watching movies.


As a first time intern, there is much I expect from this internship: I expect at the end of this internship good at making projects and managing them smartly, to conversant with AIESEC standards since I am just a new member. I also expect to end it when am self confident person in all that I do.
Am expecting to end this internship when am more of a professional.

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