I am honored to have been selected as SHF Uganda’s Executive Director. Also, I would like to thank Edna Akullq for her support and assistance in helping me transition into this position. She has done an excellent job in providing leadership and direction keeping SHF Uganda moving forward since its foundation. Following in her shoes will not be easy but - with your input, participation and support - we can be assured that SHF has a bright future.

UPE needs 110,000 teachers more Thursday, 8th July, 2010 By Francis Kagolo and Racheal Ninsiima UGANDA has a shortfall of over 110,000 Universal Primary Education (UPE) teachers, the education minister, Namirembe Bitamazire, said yesterday. She said there were only 132,000 UPE teachers for the seven million pupils. “To achieve quality education, we need to have enough quality teachers who are dedicated and patriotic,” Bitamazire noted.

A left-handed pupil finds writing a struggle because of an uncomfortable sitting position that has left her squeezed between right-handed pupils By Nigel Nassar Historically, it was considered evil and “Satan-like” to ably execute tasks with your left hand. In traditional religious art, the devil was said to sit on God’s left hand, which has made the left-hand the damned one. Also, when one was left-handed, they would be called a witch, ultimately leading to their hand being burned at the stake.

Uganda Youth Network in conjunction with Plan International is organizing a youth debate intended to provide a platform for a diversity of young people to debate the role of Uganda’s youth towards positive gender relations and propose areas of policy and further engagement that can improve the current status quo.

As a result of the profiling exercise done in March 2011, Self Help Foundation-Uganda has identified key factors such as lack of food for lunch and inadequate skills training, that have led to a high dropout rate among the schools in the Oyam District in Northern Uganda. In May 2012, Self Help Foundation- Uganda has acted on its promise and started a strategic partnership with the schools in the form of clubs which students can gain information from.

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